4 Ways to plan an easy fairy party!

Does your little one love fairies? Well, fairies LOVE parties and planning a fairy party can be really fun and easy (oh yes indeed!). Here are a few ideas for you:

1. A magical wand activity

Creating your fairy own homemade fairy wand is a fantastic  way to bring joy to your little one. You can drawn a star on a piece of card or paper, then cut it out. To make this easier though, buy pre-cut paper stars online. While you’re at it, buy some gem stickers and a pack of wooden chop sticks. Your fairy-in-training can decorate their star with the stickers and tape it to the chopstick when their done. It’s just that easy…and fairy beautiful too!

*A fairy fun pro tip to remember: Full video instructions on how to do this can be experienced in Fairy School!

colorful cake with one candle for fairy party
2. Rainbow cake!

Instead of baking a cake full of layered colors, simply make (or buy) a plain cake with white icing and then cover it in rainbow sprinkles. It will look fairy-fantastic…and is even more fun. Weehee!!

3. Fairy dancing

All you need is some music, a little dancing area and you favourite pair of dancing shoes 😊. Are you ready to play a classic game of freeze dance? With some fun music playing, guide the kids to dance like fairies, mermaids and even unicorns. Youn know the rules. The music plays, they dance. The music stops, so does the dancing. Anyone how doesn’t stop has to step off the dance floor until only one dancing fairy is left!

*A fairy fun pro tip to remember: What can you do to make it even more fairy-like, I hear you ask? Add bubbles!!! Yes indeed! They are always a hit!

two laughing girls with painted faces
4. Hire a fairy face painter

Kids LOVE having their faces painted. No matter what your kids love, there is a professional who can add that extra fairy sparkle to their day. Hire a face painter to decorate your little one with rainbows, crowns, glitter and mythical creatures. The kids will be entertained for hours. Hooray!

So there you have it! 4 Ways to plan an easy fairy party!

Here’s to fun and easy celebrations to remember!

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