Have a fairy-fun
summer staycation!

Mom with her daughters having fairy fun in the backyard

Are you staying home this summer? I’ve put together a these 5 fairy fun summer staycation ideas to get the kids active and off of their screens for some magical (and easy) fun!

1. Make a fairy movie

This does NOT need to be complicated! Create some home made fairy wings, strap them onto your little one and start filming on your phone’s camera. Film them “flying” around the garden, casting a magical spell or doing some fairy dancing. Then add a little music on your phone’s editing software and TA DA, you have a fairy film to keep forever!

*A fairy fun pro tip to remember: Filming horizontally with your phone gives you much more screen to fill your magical memories with (and hey, YouTube loves it too).

2. Camp in the garden with the fairies!

Spend a little quality time with your little one, setting up a tent (or mattress) in the backyard. Decorate it with fairy lights, colorful material or even your favourite rainbow pillows! Read fairy stories, stargaze, blow bubbles, dance and take turns telling silly stories together. Best fairy camping ever!

3. Go fruit picking

Oh the fairies LOVE fruit! Find somewhere you can take on a daytrip to pick fruit. It’s as simple as a Google search away! Oh, and while you’re out there, see if you can spot any fairies while you are at it!

4. Mermaid beach day

Take a day trip to the beach to be a mermaid! Together with your little one, get your hands dirty, creating a big, beautiful mermaid sand tail or mermaid castle! Then collect all your favorite beach shells to decorate them at home with paint and gem stickers. Oh, and don’t forget to say hello to the mermaids in the ocean before you lave!

5. Fairy theme night!

Watch a fairy movie together, like Peter Pan. Then dress to the film’s theme. Eat fairy food like green Tinkerbell jello and honey joys. YUM!

May your fairy fun summer staycation be full of fantastical memories!

The rainbow doors to
Fairy School are always open!