Easy activity will keep a toddler busy for hours!

toddler boy during water out of cup

It’s always the simple things, right?! A pouring station is so simple to set up, and the pouring, scooping and mixing that will be enjoyed from this can last hours.

This activity is especially great on a hot day when getting a little wet isn’t only not a big deal, but let’s face it, desperately needed! 

Now it’s time to raid the kitchen. All you need is:

Step 1: Setup

Find somewhere safe to set up up the big plastic tub. It’s going to get pretty wet, so outside in the back yard mostly works best. If you can’t find space outside, the bathtub or plastic sheets on the kitchen floor can work great too!

Once you’re all set with a place  to setup, place the jugs, cups and jars inside your large plastic container.

Step 2: Add water

Fill a few of the jugs and cups with tap water. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try adding a little food coloring into the water for some extra fairy fun! A drop or two in each container will do. 

*A fairy fun pro tip to remember: If adding food coloring, be sure to lay down some plastic sheets on the ground to protect your home from the color. 

Step 3: The pouring begins

The magic begins! Just sit back and let your little one pour and explore!

And there you have it! This super easy activity will keep your toddler busy and having dairy fun for hours!

Here’s to summer fun for everyone!

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